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Dr Tang et al – Let the topical oxygen flow for healing complex wounds

JWC-Topical oxygen therapy promotes the healing of chronic diabetic foot ulcers – a pilot study

JWC-Topical oxygen therapy stimulates healing in difficult chronic wounds-a tertiary centre experience

Prof. Hari – A breakthrough in the management of non-healing diabetic foot ulcers

Karen Cross – Battling the Biofilm-Topical Oxygen Shifts the Bacterial Biofilm in Chronic Wounds

Gail Curren- The impact of NATROX Oxygen Wound Therapy System on patients with diabetic foot ulcers

Dr Boey et al – The use of Topical NATROX Oxygen Therapy on patients with recalcitrant diabetic foot wounds

Treatment of complex diabetic foot wounds using topical oxygen therapy

Yu et al – Topical oxygen therapy results in complete wound healing in diabetic foot ulcers

Biofilm management with topical oxygen therapy